Excellence Abroad

With more than 20 years of experience in the world of construction internationally, our commitment is to provide modular building, power and maintenance services around the world

Elevator Maintenance

Globe Servicios is the fastest growing Elevator Maintenance company in Chile. Based in Santiago, Globe Servicios provides elevator Maintenance, Modernization, and Repair Services in the Metropolitan Region. Globe Servicios is fully accredited and licensed maintainer by the Chilean Ministry of Works and Housing (MINVU). Globe Servicios has a long history of providing service to the biggest names in Hotel, Retail, Office, Industrial, and Residential sectors.  

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Energy Management

Globe Power works with Investment Funds, Family Offices, and Manufacturing Plants to ensure best energy usage in their real-estate portfolios. This includes structuring and negotiating power purchase agreements for clients, as well as  providing submetering services to create additional asset revenue streams, and ensure that facilities are operating in the most energy efficient manner.