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Fabric and Steel Structures

Calhoun Building systems provides a turnkey approach to delivering these structures working together with Morris Group to deliver a seamless experience for our customers


Labour Supply & Management

Strategic human resource consultation and supply. Our client integrated model best anticipates and mitigates labour demands to ensure that only quality, trained individuals are sourced, screened and deployed to get the job done. We focus on providing skilled trades, labour and professionals to support the production, maintenance and development of Canada's resurging economy.

Technology & Communications


Partnered with industry leaders our team has extensive experience in every aspect of the digital transformation landscape. LTE infrastructure, switching and routing, firewalls, wireless, server management, access controls, and cloud services are core competencies for our team. Our staff specializes in remote environments and is ready to build the solution you need.

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International Operations

Based out of Chili, Globe Modular (Modular Construction), Power (Power distribution), and Services (Elevator Service) Morris Group has established international positioning to service mining operations throughout north and south America.


Mining Ventilation and Door Systems

We are the largest overhead door company in Northern Ontario and achieving success on the global market. We are constantly striving to develop new products and improve our services. With unrivaled 24-Hour emergency service, we have earned a reputation for being a company that is always there when you need us.

A true turn-key experience

Providing a full suite of services to our clients provides the continuity to ensure that an excellent product and service is provided consistently from the beginning to the end. The purpose is to make the entire process as simple and stress-free as possible allowing our clients to focus on what they do best - mining. Collectively, we can take care of all aspects of the development for you while saving you time and money and when you work with us, you know that our priority is always on delivering both a high-quality product and service that meets or exceeds your expectations. Our services provide a direct benefit to not only our clients, but more importantly to our Indigenous partners through financial contributions, job creation, training, and career path development.


Clients that are looking for a true turnkey solution, agree that the Morris Group offers a suite of services and products that are unique only to the Morris Group. The following is the step-by-step process that we have become accustomed to utilizing with our existing clients with positive results.

  • Project Management and early works: Site and camp layout planning, Engineering, site development (tree removal – civil works), permitting (support or management), water treatment and wastewater treatment.

  • Manufacturing: QA / QC management, strategic partnerships, customization, and cooperative planning

  • Used Equipment (Rental / Purchase): All aspects of your remote camp needs (Dorms, kitchens, office space, recreation facilities, water treatment, sewage treatment, power generation, etc.)

  • Operational Support:

  • Camp Management

  • Catering and Janitorial services (Camp and mine site operations)

  • Camp Maintenance

  • Site Services

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