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Morris Group, is a growing multi-faceted company, with a series of holdings that include companies involved in:

  • Trailer, Camp Leasing and Logistics
  • Workforce Housing, Camps and Site Services
  • Modular Construction, Manufacturing, Buildings and Housing
  • Labour Supply and Management
  • Safety Solutions, Training and Development

Morris Group offers space and labour solutions primarily for the construction and resource sector, with operations in Canada, South America and Asia. Morris Group serves customers’ modular space and storage needs globally while focusing on North and South America. In addition to its design and manufacturing of modular structures, the company designs, constructs and manages temporary and permanent accommodations as well as provide labour management, training and safety management to clients in these sectors. With offices located in Canada, Asia and South America, and distribution partners in Australia and Africa, we are able to service projects and companies worldwide.



Morris Group began in 2004 with Morris Modular Space Inc. which marked the first of a series of businesses and partnerships that have been successfully launched over the past 9 years. With its growing modular fleet, nimble, extensive manufacturing capacity and strong relationships within the industry, the company can deliver on small and larger modular requirements.

Headquartered near Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, Morris Group is the supplier of choice for modular products, labour management and supply, workforce training and development, and safety solutions. As a result of its desire to provide quality products and services, Morris has garnered a great deal of respect in the industry.

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Morris Group is dedicated to becoming a leading global business services provider focused on modular construction, labour supply & management, and safety solutions to the construction and resource sectors. The company strives to promote ease of doing business globally and locally, to be recognized for its focus on customer service excellence, and to utilize its ability to make change happen quickly.

The company’s strength is in designing and delivering modular construction, labour and safety solutions that are innovative and exceptional in product quality and service. Morris is committed to the success of its customers.

Our experience, strength and capability gives us the credentials to enter into successful business alliances and joint ventures with suitably qualified partners.


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